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Charter Information

COLONIAL CRAFTS is based and maintained in Los Angeles, California, a major hub on the Amtrak system. From Los Angeles, COLONIAL CRAFTS may be chartered on Amtrak routes to San Diego, Oakland and Seattle, Denver and Chicago, New Orleans and beyond. COLONIAL CRAFTS is equipped to travel to all Amtrak destinations.

Popular Charters

All trips on Colonial Crafts are custom designed for each client. For each trip we provide the services requested by our guests. As a result, no two are ever quite the same. In the following sections we have presented representative samples of trips to popular destinations and the level of services that we can provide. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

Los Angeles to San Diego

San Diego is the perfect day trip by private car. Travel to San Diego from Los Angeles or other regular Surfliner stop, spend the day or evening and return the same day. Fun things to do in San Diego include visiting the Zoo, exploring Balboa Park, strolling the waterfront, visiting the maritime museums, taking the Trolley to Old Town or Tijuana or spending the evening in the Gaslight District. Frequent schedules allow departures and returns throughout the day. Travel time each way is two hours and 45 minutes. Over 30 miles of the route are along the Pacific Ocean. Contact us to arrange a day of fun for the entire family.

Los Angeles to San Diego with Full Meal Service

Do the same San Diego trip as described above, but add a full meal service served onboard Colonial Crafts. Dinner for you and your guests will be prepared onboard Colonial Crafts by our chef and served by our attendents.

Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area

Our San Francisco itinerary is the perfect combination for a getaway weekend. The fun begins immediately as Colonial Crafts takes us North to the Bay Area. The scenic Amtrak Coast Route hugs the the Pacific Ocean for miles along parts of the coast inaccessible by car, then climbs the Coast Range around a horseshoe curve and speeds through farm and ranch country to our destination of Oakland's Jack London Square. Spend one or more days in San Francisco, with all of its fine restaurants and entertainment. Then board Colonial Crafts to begin the return journey. However, since you are traveling by private car, your vacation does not end until we arrive back in Los Angeles. In one weekend you have sampled the best in private car travel and experienced one of America's most fun cities. The San Francisco trip is one of our favorites, let us share it with you.

Nationwide Extended Charters

Typically $6,000 per car per day, actual charges are customized for each trip.
Price includes car charter, preparation and parking charges, normal Amtrak transportation charges, full service staff and meals appropriate to the time of day. Additional charges may apply if cars must be "deadheaded" to or from home cities.

Terms And Conditions

Reservations: Amtrak tariff requires 14 days advance notice on most routes. Some routes are available on shorter notice, but may require a surcharge for late booking. Reservations are confirmed only upon receipt of deposit.

Deposit: For normal private car charters, a preparation charge of $750.00 per car or 10% of total charge whichever is higher is required to confirm reservations.

Final Payment: Final payment is due no later than 30 days before departure or at time of booking for normal private car charters.

Prices listed assume normal operating conditions. Prices are based on tariff rates in effect as of 6/1/2007, and are subject to change without notice.

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