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Colonial Crafts Floor Diagram

Floor Plan

COLONIAL CRAFTS seats up to 33 guests during the day and sleeps up to nine at night.

The four sleeping accomodations up to 9 guests. Bedrooms A, B and C sleep two guests each in traditional Pullman berths. Drawing room D sleeps two in lower berths and one in a Pullman upper berth.

The sleeping accomodations convert to sitting rooms for day use with Bedrooms A and B combined to seat four guests and Drawing Room D also seating four guests.

The compact galley serves full meals.

The large lounge seats up to 25 guests for entertainment and socializing. It is equipped with comfortable lounge furniture, tables for games and meal service, music and video systems.
Full meal service for up to 16 guests can be served in the lounge. Meal service for up to 24 guests can be served between the lounge and the sitting rooms. Buffet style meals can be served for up to 32 guests.

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