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COLONIAL CRAFTS entered service on the Pennsylvania Railroad at Chicago on June 4, 1949. The car was one of eight three bedroom, drawing room buffet lounge cars which were part of a 95 car order placed by the railroad with carbuilder Pullman-Standard. The other cars in the Colonial series were the CABINS, FLAGS, ARMS, HOUSES, LANTERNS, SCOUTS and DOORWAYS. COLONIAL CRAFTS is the sole operating survivor.

COLONIAL CRAFTS regular assignments were between New York and Chicago and New York and St. Louis on the many name trains between these cities. The Colonial series cars were used on these trains to add both a first-class lounge as well as deluxe bedroom and drawing room sleeping accomodations to the regular Pullman bedroom and section accommodations. A steward served light meals and drinks in the lounge to the first-class passengers. During these years COLONIAL CRAFTS probably hosted many famous people as everyone rode the train.

After years of long-distance service, COLONIAL CRAFTS was diverted to the New York-Washington DC corridor to serve as a first-class parlor car. The bedrooms were closed and a new number, 7149 was affixed to the side. Finally, in 1970 the car was retired after 20 years of service to a museum in Western Pennsylvania.

In 1985 the car was purchased by Rod and Ellen Fishburn, the present owners, and restored to first class operating condition. The exterior and interior have been returned to their original appearance and a complete mechanical overhaul was performed. The car you see today is the result of this long continuing effort.

Today Colonial Crafts is in regular charter service continuing its long tradition of providing the finest in deluxe travel to the fortunate passenger. The Charter Information link on this page will show you how you can join Colonial Crafts distinguished legacy.

Colonial with GG1 on NE Corridor One of the COLONIAL series cars in parlor service on the New York-Washington DC corridor

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